Trip to Kings Head Pebmarsh & Sudbury

Saturday, February 15, 2014 - 9:25am
Pebmarsh & Sudbury
United Kingdom

The Kings Head in Pebmarsh is now Open Once Again, so it's time to pay a visit!  A combination of Train/Bus will do the job.

Then back to Sudbury for a visit to the Brewery Tap and anything else that takes your fancy!

Train from North Station to Sudbury is 09:43 (Suggest meet at Main Ticket Office 09.25 to sort Group Save Tickets)

Bus from Sudbury is at 10:50 - 40min journey to Pebmarsh

Return buses from Pebmarsh at 13:02, 16:02 or 18:02 (LAST ONE)

Should be a Good Trip - If you'd like to go please email so we can get an idea of numbers.