Winter Beer Festival Stats

Thanks to everyone who made the 7th Winter Festival such a record-breaking success. Over 10788 pints were served to 3297 visitors - which is 1.42 elephants (our 'bizarre habit' according to the EADT).

The festival would not be possible without the volunteer team who put everything together. Beer Festival Organiser Martin and his team puts in hundreds of hours of work to prepare and bring together everything needed for the festival - from budget & health and safety approvals to the logistics of moving all the stillage, bars and other kit needed to the Arts Centre - not to mention ordering the beer! During the festivals dozens of staff volunteer their time to work on the door, serve on the bars, wash the glasses, look after the beer and toil behind the scenes to run the festival.

So, here, from set-up to teardown with members' night and 4 full open days is the 7th Colchester Winter Ale Festival in 1 minute: