What's your favourite beer?

Voting is open for the Champion Beer of East Anglia (CBoEA)

Nominations are required for entrants into the East Anglia Champion Beer of Britain competition. The winners from this area competition are put forward as finalists to the national Champion Beer of Britain competition at the Great British Beer Festival and the National Winter Ales Festival.

You will be able to make nominations until 01 November 2017. After the closing date, no further nominations or changes to your nominations will be possible.

There are 11 categories for the competition: Milds; Bitter; Best Bitters; Strong Bitters; Golden Ales; Speciality Beers; Old Ales and Strong Milds; Porters; Stouts; Barley Wines and Strong Old Ales; and Real Ales in a Bottle.

To do this you need to log onto https://bis.camra.org.uk/cbobvoting/login.asp and use your CAMRA login and password, and follow the instructions.

This is your chance to help give your local favourite Essex breweries and beers a chance to be a Champion Beer of Britain. So please take the time to nominate.